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how is it september 4th: 11:53 am

oh my god

okay its already september. well then. its been a good month so far. really really good. almost too good, like something terrible is going to happen.

i went over to my boyfriends house for the first time last night and went home and wished i was still there. honest to god i wish i could be back on that couch with him, absolutely wonderful time. im really excited. for whats to come

september 5th: 9:58 pm

how the hell has it only been a day

time has been really screwy lately i cannot explain it. i just got back from one day at the beach, absolutely exauhsted. talking with a friend. made my boyfriend a playlist. i hope he likes it. on the car ride home [six hours long] i almost cried listening to Across the Universe and Two of Us [both the let it be naked versions, the supieror versions] because i dont know why i think i just really like him alot actually. i bet hes reading this! hes one of the only people that actually reads my blog and keeps up on it, even if he isnt reading it im glad he took the time to read it back in august. i think i really like him alot actually

september 6th: 4:18 pm

today i am sick and i hate everything

i havent been sick in two years because i havent left my house and last night i had bad allergies and all day my allergies have sucked so hard i wanna cry. but im good because itll be over soon and ill be good. going to go to school and see my boyfriend on wednesday and itll all be fine. its only a 3 day week, labor day and all. i went to the dollar store earlier to get some tupperware with my mom-

i just sneezed so hard i saw god

anyways. i went to the dollar store and got some funky little skeletons on a string along with my tupperware. im living my best life. i also got smiley face balloons. nothing has gone wrong in my life and i am at the peak of living


hello jack this is me being a # blogger saying how wonderful and cool you are, o great one, please spare me in the next life for ever expressing disdain towards you

september 15th: 9:21 pm

ive been in a really good place lately

im glad i can finally say that

september 21st: 6:52 pm

my boyfriend is playing mellophone while i am on the phone with him

nothing of significance has happened really. its the first night of fall :) im excited to wear sweaters and stuff. sweaters and stuff are fun. dressing up with my boyfriend as vampires for halloween and im stoked for that. i got little fake fangs and everything. i should link my vampire music playlist. thatd be good. hm. ill think about it.

september 25th: 5:34 pm

today has been really very good and cool

i put a bunch of balloons on my ceiling today with a close friend and my room looks fucking wicked. im listening to blind melon alot because i love them alot. soup is such a good album i could scream!!!! looking at my newly decorated room i feel very content like im in my domain. i dont know. i had a monster energy and i am going buck fucking wild., it had butterflies on it. im vibing im vibing. having a great time

september 26th: 7:07 pm

today was ALSO really very good and cool

my boyfriend is singing a minecraft parody [written by yours truly] of fireflies and i could not be happier with this outcome. im out here in my sick ass room making friends because of my stupid little blog/site and i am having a great time. i went downtown today, went to the library and then to a custard place and i am vibing so hard. genuinely so happy. i am so happy. i sound so dumb and like an idiot but im so happy and im going to tell everyone because i havent been able to say this in a long ass while!!!! so im updating my dumbass blog and you idiots are gonna be happy for me. im aggresively happy and im making it everyones problem.

monday is picture day but the rest of the week is spirit week. im going all out for this, because i have simply stopped caring about others opinions [i say this but im manifesting it more than im telling you about it]. for character day im dressing as wirt from over the garden wall. wednesday is... uhhhh i forgot so it must not be important. thursday is 90's day and you bett your ass i am doing the whole shebang. i forgot what friday even was so it also must not be important. im hyped

"blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog" - my boyfriend

the weathers getting cold and im very happy. okay im done with this long ass blog post now. thanks for reading

september 28th: 5:46 pm

the weekends are really good and then school sucks really hard sometimes. but its alright

ive met someone new and he made me this sick ass cursor! he is really very cool and you should check out his site right here!!! i am very thankful for him and i am NOT holding him hostage xx

spirit week is going well and i am very tired already. things are kind of hard but im choosing to ignore it until they arent problems anymore and thats going swimmingly for me. i hope that whoever is reading this is having a good time

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