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january 3rd: 7:37 pm

today was my friends birthday. happy birthday, you

in almost every way today went pretty badly. it was pouring outside with 3 flash flood warnings, and every school around us had cancelled except for ours. rumor was that it would snow before lunch, but nobody believed it. first period was weird because nobody really even bothered to say anything to me. but its whatever. second period was also ass, because where i would normally visit art class, i was stuck in the classroom. it started to snow and it was really beautiful, but once again i was stuck inside the classroom. i left about 10 minutes early to go down to the art room and that was pretty okay. i went to lunch, which was arguably the best part of the day. my friend and i ran around like idiots in the snow. we made a pact to do this every time there was a weather warning but we were still miraculously at school. which seems to be often. third period was weird. the power went out half way through, which sucked because its hard to do anything in a computer lab without power. we sat there and made light conversation while someone im not too fond of tried to get all buddy buddy with me like nothing had happened. it was really weird. i didnt like it very much at all. walking through the hallways in the dark was weird. it started to get cold inside the building and thats when i decided man this really sucks! i got a nosebleed for no reason again in the last 30 minutes of school and then i went home

i finished watching serial experiments lain and i started watching flcl so i guess thats cool. i have two more that im gonna watch and school is delayed by 2 hours in the morning. but whatever. itll be fine. whatever

january 8th [technically 9th]: 12:56 am

lately its sucked

someone is trying to worm their way back into my life and im not welcoming it. ive been in a really shit mood lately and i dont want to be. im just very stressed and trying to stay positive. like good things are happening too. idk. this blog started to document the good! what happened to that! if i only blogged the good i wouldnt post for weeks on end which isnt good either. like i like blogging. the blogging is the good. even if it is cringe. i am cringe, but i am free

january 13th: 10:10 am

yeah its really sucked lately

3:22 pm

i know very little about myself but today ive discovered i have an excellent poker face when it really matters

i dont care what day or time it is

why the fuck do you still check this. i thought i made it clear, talk to me and be mature like an adult or stay the fuck away from me. leave us alone. please. jesus. youre not getting in my head, i dont even think about you until you make yourself so jarringly appearant that i literally cannot ignore you if i tried. make up your fucking mind. get over it, if i can, you can too. fuckin a. i dont know what youre trying to do but stalking someones blog is not the way to do it. just please leave me alone. please

january 20th: 7:25 pm

i think i looked nice today

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