february entries

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february 14th [technically 15th]: 3:49 am

today was really good actually

february 19th: 11:37 pm

this has been a hard month

very hard month...

but things are good now. all of a sudden things are good. and im really happy, genuinely. im wearing makeup right now. how bizzare. but last night and the night before were really fun for alot of reasons. things seemed to pick up in pace after valentines, which started bad and ended good. last night i went to a mitski concert :) my first concert since 2019, one of my first real outings since march 2020, and it was AMAZING. she made eye contact with me like 4 times and i think i couldve died. we got an amazing spot in the pit [as much of a pit as you can get at a mitski show]. it was an amazing show, the opening band, chai, was really cool too. i genuinely enjoyed every second of it. my friend had slept over the night before and stayed over all day before the concert. we had a really good time and we are planning to do it again sometime even though we arent going to any more concerts together in the discernable future. id like to go to another concert with them anyways, it was mega fun. they did my makeup and taught me a thing or two about the stuff. and i dunno it was just a really good time. im sort of in a band with the same friend. check out lyssa!

things have been better lately and im very glad for it. i want to get back to blogging. i really want to get back to blogging

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