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december 2nd: 8:42 pm

its been a hell of a week

good and bad but lots of good. unfortunately the good is also really hard to deal with. i just keep making playlists about the same idiot and hoping it turns out alright. looking forward to july. i miss painting the mural and i miss earlier this year when i thought it was just me and my friends against the world. unfortunately that is not how it works and people tend to change. ive been in a really good mood lately until it hits like 6 pm which is really fuckin odd to me

december 11th: 8:25 pm

ive been in a good place lately. might add a poetry tab

i havent updated in a while but i have been thinking about it! i havent left this site in the dust contrary to popular belief. i just started recording like an hour ago but studio1 decided to crash on me so im taking it as a sign to stop for tonight. my finger is bleeding so i probably shouldve stopped anyways. currently listening to a a very embarrasing playlist but im linking it anyways. i wonder if youll see this. lol.

just painted my nails aggressively pink. thinking about you. going crazy absolutely bonkers and insane. im gonna write a song about it. [this is a good thing].

december 14th: 11:47 am

today i am home sick but im alright. im bored more than anything

absolutely nothing has gone on i am just looking for something to do right now. i have nothing to write about.

rn im listening to Nervous Young Man by Car Seat Headrest. I listened to How to Leave Town the other night and had a religious experience while doing so. nym is alright. not my favorite. it sort of drags out a bit. 2 hours is a long ass album. 2 hours and 8 minutes. theres some really good songs on here but like cmon this couldve been 3 albums. htlt is one of my fav albums rn actually. i want to rank my fav csh albums but it keeps changing so i never have. but whatver, its whatever

december 15th: 9:05 pm

its your birthday idiot. happy birthday. its still the 15th for me but for you its your birthday

how exciting. i hope you like your card. im very tired as i'm typing this, just got off the phone with you. you were obviously very tired too, but you still wanted to know how my day went. its the little things that matter the most to me sometimes

december 22nd: 11:18 pm

the days slip out of my hands like dry sand in the wind

its been a bit, just a bit burnt out. listening to sarah by alex g because i learned it on guitar with a friend today. i had a friend over today for the first time in two years. its really surreal and i really enjoyed myself. i discovered i learned more about guitar than i thought, which is crazy. because i know im really bad at guitar but im able to play this whole song and my dear friend (bless thier heart they tried) couldnt. and i dunno. i feel really good about myself lately which feels good to say. i know very little about myself other than im an artist of some sort i guess. which is cool. i think im pretty cool

im experimenting with alot of different mediums lately and i think my art is moving to a place that i like. less cartoonish and more expression which is what ive been wanting for ages. i dunno. ive got alot to learn still but right now i feel really good

christmas 2021: 9:02 pm

"and you wake up trembling from a dream where I swam into the river.

i reach out and hold you in my arms,"

'i love you i love you i love you.'

december 27th: 11:35 am

i dont have my phone for the next few hours so i guess now is the perfect time to blog

christmas was good and last night was very pathetic but still good. ive been drawing a shit ton which means inevitably i will burn tf out but rn i am not so it doesnt matter. i got more film for my camera and lots of sketchbooks and other things. i also got car seat headrest tickets :) im really very incredibly happy about those like holy shit. been listening to pavement alot lately, and im hoping that later this week when i go down to niceprice records with my dad i can snag a brighten the corners vinyl. rlly very good album. rn im listening to wild child by the doors, which is the only good song on soft parade other than maybe touch me but even that song gets old rllllllyyyy fuckin fast. t o uch me bay b like okay we get it

anyways yeah its been a pretty good month

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